Private Lessons

Jay offers individual private lessons at your convenience. Teach your dog the foundation skills it needs to learn how to learn.

What's in it for you?

  • You will learn the skills you need to keep on teaching your dog new behaviors long after you have stopped taking lessons from Jay.
  • Lessons with Jay are highly valuable.
  • You will learn keen observation skills that will help to encourage lifelong learning and teamwork with your dog.
  • Jay's lessons are designed to instill confidence and to enable you to manage anything that might come up in the future.

Students are always eligible for online consultations. Specific situations can be addressed expediently and as they are occurring, to allow you to start working on issues right away.

Training is not just for behavior problems! How about teaching your dog to perform special tasks. Wouldn't it be fun to have your dog be your helper? Simple service dog behaviors that can be very helpful are:

  • Pick up any object you drop—for example, your keys, your hat, your gloves.
  • Find the remote. This can be very helpful and is not that difficult to do.
  • Turn on a light switch.
  • Close a drawer or door.
  • Even bring you a beer from the fridge while you're watching the game—a lot of fun for the dog, convenient for the owner, and excellent for building teamwork.

Mariana taught her puppy to shut the door using clicker training and a target.

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Private Lessons Information

COST : $150 per lesson



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