• Get your dog to enjoy getting it's teeth brushed.

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  • Learn the hassle free method of getting those boots on your dog!

  • Get your dog to enjoy getting it's teeth brushed.

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Learning how to cooperate in their own care is probably the greatest gift you can give to your dog or cat, and yourself. Their ability to calmly accept being examined by the vet or handled by the groomer, taking a pill from you, having their teeth brushed, nails clipped, ears cleaned or their hair brushed will, over their lifetime, reduce their stress level tremendously. Perhaps you have rescued or adopted a dog and the dog has to be trained to accept wearing a muzzle in order to manage his behavior. Let Jay teach you how to do this.

These skills are part of the foundation skills of training. Very few trainers are as uniquely qualified as Jay. Jay is a certified Master Groomer with almost 30 years' experience, and is in a unique position to help. Whether you have a new puppy that you want to start off on the right path, or a mature dog that's fearful of the groomer or the vet, Jay will help you devise an individualized program to reshape these husbandry behaviors, and at the same time show you how these skills can also aid you in your ability to communicate more precisely with your best friend.

Since we love our animals so much and want to give thenm the best care we can, teaching them cooperative behaviors is like putting money in the bank.... it will pay dividends in the future.

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