Behavior Consultations

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An unfortunate myth leading to popular belief is that you must dominate your animal. Science has proven beyond a doubt that 90% of aggression is really caused by fear. Schedule a consultation with Jay to teach you what dogs are saying with their body language.

Your being able to interpret what you're seeing from your end of the leash will go a long way in protecting your beloved pet from stressful situations that can erupt at any time.

Let Jay show you how to build confidence with positive reinforcement and the use of the clicker as an event marker


Jay with Dr. Raymond Coppinger

  • Jay will teach you how to be consistent and fair with your dog .
  • Jay will show you how to develop a broader application of the behaviors the dog already knows. Take that perfect sit that happens at home and teach your dog to sit when greeting new people.
  • Jay will coach you to build a rock-solid recall, a behavior all owners should have under perfect stimulus control (dog responds immediately to the cue). Jay will coach you in doing this by teaching you how to build this indispensable behavior to the point that your dog can respond at a distance, amid distractions, and in a real world situation.
  • Jay will help you teach your dog visual cues such as an automatic sit when he comes to a corner. This could save his life!
  • All behavior in every living organism is always changing; behavior can be changed. In fact, we are always maintaining, refining, establishing, and fixing behaviors. Jay is always ready to lend a hand. It may be as simple as teaching your dog a cue to stop barking at noises outside or in your hallway, or even how to greet visitors to your home politely.

As with all the coaching Jay does, his goal is to give you a set of skills that you can use to address any problem. Once you understand the principles of bringing responses under stimulus control, you'll be able to apply them to any behavior.

Jay will sit down with you to create a training plan, then coach you in implementing it - using only positive reinforcement and the powerful science of operant conditioning.

Jay and Dr. Susan Friedman

Puppy chewing on your things? Cat peeing where he shouldn't?


Behavior Consultation Information

COST :  $150 per lesson.


6-lesson package $720.
Other packages may be arranged.


Prices do not include travel time
outside of New York City.
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