• Be Your Dog's Best Friend!

    To respect and listen to each individual's concerns. To take into consideration and to understand everyone's limits. To observe clearly, and quantify logically, the tools Read More
  • Teach your cat fun stuff!

    Cats can be trained to do anything they are physically capable of doing—come when called, fetch a ball, settle calmly in a basket or on Read More
  • Join Jay's Class on the Pier!

    Teach your dog in a group setting in the beautiful Riverside Park. Read More
  • Husbandry

    Train your dog to calmly accept being examined by the vet or handled by the groomer, take a pill from you, have their teeth brushed, Read More
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Group Classes

02 Oct 2013

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Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
Association of Professional Dog Trainers
Pet Professional Guild
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